Your First Visit

Once we review your dental and medical history, our clinical staff will gather some specific data in order to facilitate your treatment and your dental exam. The initial step will be to acquire radiographic images of the bone and teeth which include a full mouth series of x-rays. This is the most conservative and basic radiographic survey we can provide our patients. We use Digital Radiographic equipment to complete this process. The bitewing x-ray helps to detect cavities and the periapical x-rays help us detect any periapical pathology and generalized bone loss.

Our hygienists will next gather data on the health of the bone around your teeth and your gums. They will complete a comprehensive periodontal exam in order to measure the depth of the pocket between your gums and your teeth. If no gum disease is detected through these measurements, the next step will be to have a regular teeth cleaning. If however, gum disease is detected, Dr. Crawford will visit with you regarding how to care for your condition and a treatment appointment will then be scheduled. 

Dr. Crawford will visit with you in order to discuss your concerns and needs. A thorough and comprehensive exam will include oral cancer screening, review of x-rays and periodontal findings and a clinical exam of your oral cavity to review the teeth for any cavities, fractures or other adverse conditions. Afterwards, your treatment options will be presented and any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed.

As a new patient, you are asked to complete the Patient Information Form before your first visit.