Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you suffer from damaged, chipped, broken, discolored teeth? Do you hide your teeth when you smile or simply not smile at all? A smile makeover uses porcelain veneers giving you a dazzling smile in just a few appointments.

Porcelain dental bridges and crowns look like your natural teeth and can improve your smile by:

  • Replacing missing teeth;
  • Filling embarrassing gaps or spaces between your teeth;
  • Repairing cracks or chips in your teeth;
  • Shaping your teeth that are damaged, broken, chipped or cracked;
  • Whitening teeth that are discolored or dull;
  • Providing natural-looking white teeth;
  • All porcelain dental bridges and crowns look completely natural and will give you a bright-white new smile that will make you look great and feel more confident in social settings.
D. W
April 5, 2021

I am an anxious patient and they always make it a more pleasant experience!

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