Our Team

Maple Leaf Dentistry has a skilled team who are passionate about providing the best care to our patients.


Since 1993, Kerri has been the cheery voice and smiley face at the front desk of Maple Leaf Dentistry. With a keen background in many dental treatments, Kerri is the first one you would speak to on the phone, and last one to settle your account. Her office management responsibilities extend to practice accounting and insurance company correspondence. Her sense of detail is uncanny – she remembers names of people from all generations.

Her additional duties at the practice include managing the office and building.
A Peterborough girl with strong connections to the ‘south end’, Kerri enjoys time with her family, travel, running, and gardening.

The sun is always shining over Kerri!

This Image shows Kerri's photo. She is a office manager at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Meet Cheryl, our ray of sunshine dental coordinator at Maple Leaf Dentistry. A McMaster University graduate with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Level 2 Certified Dental Assistant, Cheryl is passionate about dental health. With a keen interest in patient care, Cheryl is committed to ensuring each patient receives quality attention, whether on the phone, via text, or through the front door. She eagerly looks forward to welcoming you with her radiant spirit!

Beyond the office, Cheryl stays active at the gym, enjoys outdoor activities, plays the guitar, and finds solace in Sunday worship. As a proud mom, she values family time and community involvement, recognizing that overall health starts in the mouth. Cheryl believes it’s not just about seeing a healthy, confident smile but promoting sustainable overall health. Cheryl has been nominated for Peterborough’ County’s Acts of Heroism Award for her exceptional life saving CPR actions.

This image shows Laurie's photo. She is a registered Dental Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Meet Mike, a dental assistant at Maple Leaf Dentistry with a fresh perspective. Graduating with distinction from Bogomolets National Medical University and First Medical College in Ukraine as a dental surgeon, Mike brings a wealth of clinical expertise to his new role. Beyond the dental chair, he embraces outdoor pursuits, finding joy in snowboarding, fishing, motorcycle adventures, and competitive table tennis. Known for his meticulous approach, trustworthiness, and compassionate demeanor, Mike is committed to patient comfort and well-being. His prior experience in Ukraine enriches the team, making him an invaluable asset at Maple Leaf Dentistry in his current role.

This image shows the Brittany's photo. Who is a Certified Dental Assistant, Receptionist at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Introducing Olha, a dedicated member of the Maple Leaf Dentistry team. Graduating in 2014 from Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv, Ukraine, Olha has a solid academic foundation. Following her dental education, she pursued a two-year postgraduate program specializing in general dentistry and then pediatric dentistry. Outside the clinic, Olha finds joy in dancing and socializing with friends. In her role as a dental assistant, she is characterized by a professional, thorough and comforting approach. Olha’s exceptional skills seamlessly extend to patients of all ages, making her an indispensable asset to the practice. This ensures a positive experience for every individual.

This image shows Lesley who is a RDH and Certified Dental Assistant II at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Nikki, our accomplished Restorative Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry, plays a vital role in our team. Graduating with honors from the Niagara College Dental Hygiene program in 2012 and subsequently earning honors in the Restorative Dental Hygiene program at George Brown College in 2022, Nikki showcases a remarkable dedication to her education. Her expertise in Invisalign® treatments stand out, demonstrating her commitment to advanced and specialized dental care to improve your smile. Born and raised in Peterborough, she brings a local touch to her work. Outside the clinic, Nikki is a devoted wife and mother. With a passion for sports, including hockey, and a love for being out on the water, she embraces an active lifestyle. Nikki’s compassionate nature shines in her exceptional work with all patients, including ones experiencing dental anxiety.

This image shows the photo of Jessica who is a registered Dental Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry


Jessica started off her dental career as a Level 2 Preventive Dental Assistant, graduating from Durham College in 2001.

As she worked full time during the day, she completed night school at Fleming College in Health Sciences, working towards her ultimate goal as a Dental Hygienist. Jessica graduated from Algonquin College with honours in 2005 as a Registered Dental Hygienist.

She enjoys all that Peterborough has to offer, and loves to call this city home. When Jess is not working at Maple Leaf, she is busy running her three young children between the school, the rink and the stables. An accomplished baker, Jessica is really good at making cookies!

This image shows the photo of Jessica who is a registered Dental Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry


Karlyn is a self-initiated Registered Dental Hygienist who graduated from Durham College in 2014. She was selected to complete a three-year term on the disciplinary committee for The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, and like others in the practice has very high standards.

A dog lover of her dalmatian named Cosmo, Karlyn also finds time to ride and jump her horse named Rio. Karlyn has the gift of optimism, being able to deliver oral health information and treatment suggestions with a hint of hope. This leads to improved oral health outcomes for the patients.

This Image shows Karlyn's photo. She is a registered Dental Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Nicole joined Maple Leaf Dentistry when she moved to the Kawarthas to live on a lake! A qualified Registered Dental Hygienist with previous experience at a periodontist office, Nicole graduated in 2006. She demonstrates that comfort through compassion and empathy is one of the best methods for effective patient care. Nicole is a great communicator and listener, who can explain treatment well.

When not hiking with her family and dog named Mickey (after Mick Jagger), Nicole can be found singing and playing the guitar.

This image shows Nicole's photo. She is a registered Dental Hygienist at Maple Leaf Dentistry.


Meet Jenya, our dynamic Dental Assistant at Maple Leaf Dentistry. Hailing from Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine with a master’s degree in general dentistry, Jenya infuses our team with knowledge and vitality.

Energetic and adaptable, Jenya excels in providing top-notch assistance in the dental field. Her commitment to patient care creates a positive and comfortable environment for everyone.

Whether she’s exploring new destinations through travel, crafting culinary delights in the kitchen, or embarking on hiking adventures with her family, Jenya’s diverse interests contribute to our team’s dynamic spirit.

This image shows Krista's photo. She is a Certified Dental Assistant. She works as a receptionist in Maple Leaf Dentistry

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